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Pine Agency is the leading VISA application firm, and we focus on education, business and tourism VISAs.
  • Low Cost – through our scholarship opportunities, you will get to study abroad without breaking a neck
  • The Best Schools - we know some schools are better than the rest, and ensure you get the best degrees
  • Easy Access - you get to access our team anytime convenient for you
  • Easy Registration – you apply, you receive admission and you commence your studies in your choice institution
  • Speed - we work with the schools, and you will not have any reasons to waste your time

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Why should you work with us?

Study Without Limits
Education is necessary, why should distance be a barrier? We are here, just to break that! There are also lots of scholarship opportunites for our applicants.
Stress-less Processes
You already have a lot of things on your mind, and we care. Let us take care of everything!
We Value Time
We understand you can't wait to travel, and our staff manually handle all applications to make sure time is priortised!
Trusted Agents
We have processed hundreds of study and work VISA applications, and carry you along every step. Our staff can arrange meetings with you anytime, anywhere!
High Security
We work hard to ensure your data do not go beyond the application processes, and we do not work with any third party! Any information you release to us is treated with utmost confidentiality!
Experienced Team
Our team all over the world are the best, and we work together to ensure all the applications are successful. Remember, we do not win until you do!
Are you short of budget?

Get Up To 90% Scholarship

There are lots of scholarship opportunities exclusive to 'serious' African students, and you could benefit from any of them. All you need is to take the giant, bold step and apply!
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What type of VISAs do you process?
We process study, business, health and tourism VISAs.
Can I schedule an appointment with your team?
Absolutely YES! We meet with all our clients. T&C apply.
I'm interested in the scholarships, what next?
Please click on any the scholarship APPLY buttons to submit your applications
How fast can I travel?
For the health, business and tourism VISAs, the whole processes for a fresher would take around 8 weeks. As for student VISAs, you travel anytime before your studies commence!

Happy Students

Scholarships Awarded

Partner Institutions

To ensure you get the best offers, we have partnered with some top notch institutions around the world. Our students are given priority and amazing discounts.

Guizhou University (GZU)

Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology

Coimbatore, India

Hengyang University

Hengyang, Hunan, China

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Hyderabad, India

Chongqing University

Chongqing, China

The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University

University in Chennai, India


'Till now, studying in China is still like a dream to me. The whole VISA processes were like magic, and here am I chasing the degree of my dreams!'

Kelechi M. Architecture, China

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